Systematic Desensitization Steps, Treatment & Examples Video & Lesson Transcript

Contents Meditation Creating a hierarchy of fears What Is Exposure Therapy? What Is Systematic Desensitization? Systematic Desensitization: Why Facing Your Fears Reduces Anxiety These three phases are practiced over several sessions and homework may also be given to maintain the counter conditioning between sessions. Some of these phobias included flying, fear of animals, heights, getting […]

Delirium Tremens DTs: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Contents to 24 hours Signs and symptoms of delirium tremens Treatment / Management Can Delirium Tremens Cause Brain Damage? The US Preventative Services Task Force recommends screening individuals age of 18 or older involved with risky drinking and engaging these individuals with behavior therapy and interventions to decrease alcohol misuse. There is a lack of consensus in […]